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    The Nootrix

    You take the blue pill… or you take the noot pill

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  2. hanseofficial:

    love spring in australia. not being able to walk under trees without getting swooped by 15 pissed-off magpies trying to gouge my eyes out. sun one second and hail the next. sneezing uncontrollably. the promise of never-ending stretches of 40+ degree days. the imminence of perpetual frizzy hair and sweat. ahhhh. love my country

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    australians all let us rejoice

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  7. hanseofficial:

    big Tity


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    big Tity

    and i think to myself,

    what a wonderful world

  9. twistdee:

    Sydney, Australia. Olympus OMD-EM5

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  10. tterryjones:

    goodbye margaret and david [x]


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